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The Cacti Garden Series – David Ferry

The Cacti Garden Series comprises 18 original collage works, made for the 2018 ‘Impressions Biennale’ for the Galway International Festival. The Festival normally happens every July. David Ferry explains more:

 “I started to make the series in the bleakest of winters in the UK and wanted to imagine the hot desert and the delights of the richness of goodness the sun brings us. Setting up the exhibition coincided with some poor weather on the West Coast of Ireland (The Wild Atlantic Way), but at least I had the Cacti Garden to keep me optimistic of better weather to come.”

“I have always had cacti in my home as a symbol of warmth and sunshine, but till that series evolved I had never thought or bothered to draw them. Seeing them on a windowsill with black, grey horizontal rain behind them left me with no option but to render as a set of optimistic images.”

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