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John D Edwards – A Retrospective

John D Edwards is a painter of life. His paintings; full of colour, narrative and humour, provide us with visual references from his personal life that resonate with us all. His images reflect all aspects of human emotion and experience, from beauty, love and joy to sadness, fear and isolation, often using symbols or objects to convey a feeling or mood. His journey through cancer to recovery has influenced his work throughout the past 25 years and transformed his life.

Unlike representational art, where the artist paints objectively, John D Edwards works subjectively and the images he creates often don’t appear until he starts painting. He may have an idea about what he would like to paint, for example a landscape, a still life or a mood, but he lets the act of unconscious painting determine what the outcome will be.

This retrospective exhibition takes you on a journey from some of his earliest works through to his most recent paintings. Short descriptions on the paintings can be found under each one when opened. Follow the link to the Spotlight feature below to read more about the life and work of this inspirational artist.

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For information about artwork and purchases please contact: Celia Wickham

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