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Paul Hogarth OBE RA (1917-2001)

I first met Paul Hogarth in the late 1980’s at his studio in London. I had tracked him down after years of admiring his work. As a child I used to collect his illustrations from the ‘Illustrated London News’ magazine that my father was given each month by a friend. We were living in Belgium at the time and there was no way I could ever have dreamed that one day I would meet this remarkable artist, let alone work with him and become his friend.

During his lifetime, Paul Hogarth travelled extensively throughout China, the USSR and the Soviet satellite states and spent many years living and working as an illustrator in America. Paul Hogarth’s legacy is a rich portfolio of drawings and paintings that represent an important and unique record of six decades of world history. Most of his paintings are now in private collections and museums but thankfully we still have a limited number of his original prints available through Wetpaint Gallery Online. In this exhibition we are featuring some of the rarer lithographs but you can see the full range at the link below.

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