Vanda Harvey

Vanda Harvey's paintings are like journeys capturing shifting views; sky, space, speed, land, mass. She is looking for a pictorial dynamic that is at once exhilarating and reflective, so there is a fair amount of balancing opposites within her work. Elements within the paintings are held in tension, the weight of a black gesture defies gravity while the soft blush of a rosy morning supports an entire ocean

Colour, gesture and the substance of paint transform Vanda’s sensations into a visual language. All abstract painting ever requires is recognition of sensation to connect with human emotion.


Vanda’s work references maps and flying, but these interests are always secondary to the studio act of painting and invention. There is still that child-like joy of looking at an atlas, "Where are we?" and "Where are we going?" The adventure is painting.

Vanda Harvey studied Fine Art in London and Brighton where she completed her masters degree in 1988. Her paintings and prints are in private and corporate collections worldwide.

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