Water of the World

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Water of the World

In association with Stroud Wool and Water Festival, Wetpaint Gallery is delighted to be hosting an exhibition of colourful and diverse works by talented artists, it is a celebration of water through the eyes of artists from around the world.  Just as the rivers that flow through the five valleys have been intertwined with the fortunes of our town, water has been central to the lives of cultures and communities across the globe.

The 'Water of the World' exhibition will take you on a tour of the outback waterholes in Australia , gentle streams in Japan, the coastal landscape of France and Southern Europe, all the way to the shores of the British Isles.

Artists include Jasmine Coe, Anita Ford, Tuppy Goodwin, Fiona McIntyre, Anne Nampijinpa, Eubena Nampitjin, Rod Nelson, Yoshiyuki Someya and Fran Spencer.



Come and visit Wetpaint Gallery to view these amazing works exhibition opening times: Wednesday - Saturday 10.30-16.30pm or by appointment.

Enquiries to Wetpaint Gallery Tel: 01453 886888 or mail@wetpaintgalleryonline.com

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