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Wetpaint Gallery Online offers a new approach to buying and selling art online. In addition to our excellent collection of Contemporary and International artists we specialise in sourcing and reselling Modern British Art and works by established contemporary artists for private and corporate clients. If you own an artwork in these categories that you are interested in selling we would like to hear from you.

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Hidden Messages at Menier Gallery Southwark

‘Hidden Messages’ @ Menier Gallery, Southwark 24 Oct – 03 Nov 2017

UK artists Anita Ford and Alfred Huckett present their joint show ‘Hidden Messages’ which opens at the Menier Gallery on Tuesday 24 October, in association with Wetpaint Gallery.

Ford’s mixed media works focus on her highly personal struggles with cancer and hearing loss, while Huckett explores his transvestism through paintings and collages. Both artists explore the ideas of personal identity and the challenges that this presents.

‘We all have secrets. Sometimes these get accidentally exposed, but not always in an obvious way. Acceptance and confrontation in wrestling our demons enables us to reason and finally come to terms with our existence and mortality.’ (Ford/Huckett)

Please contact Celia Wickham for further details on 01453 886888 or 07831 342214

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Forthcoming Exhibitions


This autumn artists Anita Ford and Alfred Huckett will be exhibiting together for the first time. Focussing on miscommunications, undisclosed secrets and a quiet monster, they have put together a powerful show of mixed media work including large scale canvasses, installation, print and talisman, which though often dark are not without a sense of humour. […]
An Aboriginal painting that went missing in 1981 has been found by chance hanging in the office of a tourism official in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT). The piece, Untitled (Travelling Dreaming) by acclaimed artist Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri, is estimated to be worth up to A$150,000 (US$110,000; £90,000) and was the subject of extensive searches after […]
FIONA MCINTYRE – A TREE WITHIN  Art book on the contemporary British painter Fiona McIntyre with an interview by art historian Dr. Alan Wilkinson “Drawing trees teaches us patience and reflectiveness. The longest drawing I have ever done under the same tree took 10 days to complete. By the end of it I felt I had […]