Anita Ford

Anita Ford was born in London in 1948. She studied sculpture at Loughborough College of Art where she received a first class honours degree in 1969. During her lifetime, her prolific output covered all aspects of printmaking, paperworks, ceramics and painting.

‘Process is of great importance not only as a manner of executing an art work, but also as a manner of pacing my thoughts and allowing myself to get in touch with my intuition.’

Over the years, Anita travelled extensively, notably throughout India, Japan and Europe and was inspired by diverse cultures and contradictions. Much of her work was anchored in the duality of creativity and destruction. Personal experiences of other cultures and environmental concerns often fuelled this continuing enquiry.

Much of Anita’s later work was inspired by her summers at sea and reflect the water and coastal landscape of France and Southern Europe. This inspiration fed her artwork throughout the winter months when she returned to her studio to interpret her travels.


‘I am an artist who likes to travel. For five months of the year I live on a 32’ sailing boat with my partner, living a gipsy life which allows me to meet surprising people, takes me to unexpected places, and feeds my artwork. I explored the Carnac alignments. Threads of experience mingle. A shining pillar of light pierced a violet green sky in a force nine gale. What will happen when that view of the Vilaine estuary meets the anagogic stones of Carnac? I don't know. My winter’s work explains my travels to me.’

Anita was a prolific artist who produced numerous editions of prints, paperworks, monoprints and paintings throughout her lifetime. Her work was widely exhibited, both in the UK and abroad, and is held in many corporate and private collections worldwide.

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