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Wetpaint Gallery Online offers an excellent collection of Contemporary and International art as well as a range of Modern British Art by established artists. If you own an artwork in these categories that you are interested in selling or if you are looking for a particular artwork we would like to hear from you.

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John D Edwards at Wetpaint Gallery

John D Edwards_The Conversation_Bathers

‘The Conversation – Bathers’ by John D Edwards

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas – 61 x 61cm

Wetpaint Gallery is pleased to be featuring a vibrant new collection of paintings by John D Edwards this autumn.

John’s optimistic paintings are a celebration of colour and life, often with a strong personal narrative. Having overcome great challenges along the way, John is forever optimistic about the future and his work is a joyful reflection of this admirable quality.

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New to Wetpaint Gallery

‘Stages of Life: Summer: Buddleia with Butterflies’ by Angela Summerfield

Oil on Canvas – 59 x 68cm

Wetpaint Gallery Online is pleased to be presenting works this autumn by contemporary British artist and curator Dr Angela Summerfield.

Angela is a landscape painter and a member of the Arborealists, an international group of contemporary artists concerned with the visualisation of trees. Deeply inspired by the natural world she interprets the landscape using complex colour arrangements and luminosity to draw the viewer into the canvas.

Available to view at ‘Fresh: Art’ Ascot, Stand C7, 19-22 September 2019

Please contact Celia Wickham for further details on 01453 886888 or 07831 342214

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