Edward Rennie

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Edward Rennie

Edward Rennie studied Fine Art at Liverpool Polytechnic and completed an MA at the Royal College of Art, London. Rennie’s paintings start as a response to ‘place’ or immediate urban/industrial landscape. Source material (photography, drawing, collage) is used to construct imagery and paintings usually retain elements of figuration such as references to architecture or typography. Paint is applied in flat areas of colour, most of which is removed, concealed or re-worked. The surface becomes more complex as work proceeds. Some areas are painted out completely - layers of paint or changes in surface bearing witness to problem solving.


"I am interested in how colour can describe space or change as it becomes an ‘edge’ against another colour. Iridescent surface and ‘fluctuation’ of edge create an uncertainty, which contrasts with apparent balance and order. I think it’s important that a large, physical painting has elements that are also very fragile, hidden or transparent."

Rennie's work has been exhibited in the UK and in Antwerp, Belgium where he has shown his painting and photography. He has work in national and international collections of Painting including Manchester Airport, Nomura International (London) and the Susan and Robert Summer Collection of British Contemporary Painting, (New York).


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