Masahiko Tsubota

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Masahiko Tsubota was born in Himejo City, Hyogo, Japan in 1947 and completed his studies in art at the Osaka University of Arts in 1973. Masahiko Tsubota's work explores the endless variety possible with abstraction, taking formalist concerns to extreme and beautiful conclusions. Masahiko Tsubota has painted stripes, squares and fields of colour, exploring line and mark making with stunning results. Since the early 1970s, Masahiko Tsubota has exhibited widely, showing in both group and solo exhibitions in Asia, Europe and America and has work in many public and private collections across the world.


Masahiko Tsubota believes his work exists between images and substances. The paper is an inherent component of his work and Masahiko Tsubota transforms the surface with ink and perforations to create the print. Masahiko Tsubota’s images are two-dimensional expressions of his thoughts and his relationship with colour and shape.

'The colours I use are created by themselves and emerge from a filter within me. The theme of my work is my expression of life.'

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