Yoshikazu Tanaka


Yoshikazu Tanaka was born in Kyoto in 1933 and studied at the Kyoto City School of Fine Arts and later at the Musashino Art University, Tokyo where he graduated in 1962. Tanaka began making copperplate prints and wood cut prints in 1978 and participated in several international art exhibitions during the 1970-80s, notably in Greece, Australia and Spain. Yoshikazu Tanaka's distinctive prints were shown in many solo and group exhibitions across Japan including Tanaka's first solo show at the Heian Gallery, Kyoto in 1992 and his first solo exhibition in Tokyo at Galerie Shin in 1996.


Yoshikazu Tanaka's remarkable, striking images of the ancient city of Kyoto have captured the hearts and imaginations of many art collectors across the globe with their originality and simple beauty. Illuminated silhouettes of trees in blues, reds and golds contrast starkly with the dark skies and wooded landscapes of Tanaka's atmospheric world.

Japanese printmaking is amongst the finest in the world and Yoshikazu’s intricate wood engravings are no exception. The quality and execution of his prints is of the highest standard and his small edition sizes ensure that his work remains rare and exclusive.

Yoshikazu Tanaka is a member of the Japan Print Association and Japan Artists Association.

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