Fiona McIntyre – A Tree Within


Art book on the contemporary British painter Fiona McIntyre with an interview by art historian Dr. Alan Wilkinson

“Drawing trees teaches us patience and reflectiveness. The longest drawing I have ever done under the same tree took 10 days to complete. By the end of it I felt I had an affinity with that tree – it had become a kindred spirit. In the modern world we spend less time ‘doing nothing’ and have forgotten the importance of reflection and stillness. Spending time drawing in nature reconnects us to the subtle energy of plants and we begin to ‘see’ with greater clarity and perceptiveness. I hope you will enjoy this book which reveals in its vibrant pages a passion for nature, experimental media, gestural mark-making and the spiralling forms and colours of trees”.

A Tree Within by Arborealist Fiona McIntyre is an exceptional 120 page hardback art book with over 100 images of beautiful, expressive paintings, drawings & prints by the artist. The book also features an insightful interview with Dr. Alan Wilkinson. Edition limited to 500 and signed by the artist.

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