Rare Original Works by John Piper Coming Soon to Wetpaint Gallery, Chalford

In 1966 John Piper revealed a body of new work now known as the ‘Eye and Camera’ series which was remarkable not only for its subject matter (semi naked portraits of his wife Myfanwy), but also for presenting photographic material as original art. For Piper photography had always been of real importance and in the ‘Eye and Camera’ works he explored the role of photography in his art, stating ‘The photographs are all my own, sometimes preceding the drawn or collaged areas, sometimes being posed and taken after a drawn idea has been put down on paper’ (The Art of John Piper p.350). Piper developed the photographs himself in a dark room at his studio. Fragmenting the image and repeating it over and over and by placing his photographs and drawings side by side, Piper appears to be asking questions about the status of art and what constitutes an original work.

The works are available to view at Wetpaint Gallery Chalford by appointment.

Please contact Celia Wickham for further details on 01453 886888 or 07831 342214