TURYA at Wetpaint Gallery

To celebrate our current exhibition, ‘Inspired by India’ Wetpaint Gallery is hosting a performance of traditional Indian music and original songs by Tuyra on Saturday 6 April at 15.30.

Nicki Wells, the exceptionally gifted singer and songwriter behind TURYA, takes inspiration from Indian classical music, which she studied as a teenager. The name comes from Turiya, a Sanskrit word, meaning a state of pure consciousness, the silence one experiences after sound. This influence is echoed throughout her new single ´Falling´. Taken form her Nitin Sawhney produced debut album ´Ocean´, TURYA´s uniquely original sound fuses elements of Western folk, roots and pop with classical Indian foundations.

With influences rooted in her personal experiences, Nicki was born in South London, but grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas. TURYA’s vocal and songwriting approach is a cultivated collection of melodies, combined with uniquely captivating, bittersweet and moving vocals. It´s these elements that have shaped her ‘Ocean’ album.

TURYA describes her unconventional background, and how it impacted on her music ´I grew up in Himachal Pradesh between the ages of 6 and 10, and just absorbed the sound, colours and culture of the region,´ she explains. ´It was also very international – we were with kids from India,
America, Australia, Austria, all different parts of the world. Growing up with so many different languages and accents, I became very open to different ways of communicating. That’s how my musical ear began to develop; listening to an array of different sounds and languages´

Singing primarily in English, TURYA´s music represents an artist who is vast in her range, and clear in her emotional appeal.

Tickets £5 available from the gallery. Limited number available.